Monday, April 15, 2013

Whom Shall I Fear

You know those moments when you are totally exhausted and hurting? Totally had one of those a few weeks ago. But God is great. He pointed me to the perfect passage in the Bible via morning Bible study with my girls and our house mom, Ecclesiastes 3. Reading it was a clear reminder from God that all time is His time, is in His control, and in His will. Even in times of weeping or in times of mourning or in times of searching or in times of silence it is a time to rejoice, because those times, while they may seem terrible and even unbearable are gifts from God. He gives us these times to test us, to grow us, to draw us near. Rejoice in those times when you feel despair. Rejoice because each day is a gift from God. Rejoice because He loves us. Rejoice because our Savior lives. Rejoice because He is making us like Him.

There are some days when it’s not easy to be in another country. I miss my family and friends and the community that I have in Texas. But I know that God called me here and that He wants me here. I know that God has been using this time and that He will continue to do so.  Pray with me that God uses the rest of my short time here in whatever way He pleases.

Just a quick update as far as what I’m doing here right now: I’m teaching English classes again. For the most part I enjoy it and I love my students (most of them anyway), but I really miss my girls from Casitas. I hate not being with them and not
getting to talk to them on a daily basis. But again, trusting God in that He has me with my students for a reason as much as I may miss my other girlies.

Pray with me:  
·      For wisdom in certain situations that arise and can be difficult to handle.
·      For English classes – that my students would be attentive and willing to learn, that they would see Christ in me even though I’m up there teaching them months and days of the week and verbs and not Bible stories, that God would give me opportunities to talk to and share the gospel with some of my students during our recess time.
·      For us as a family that we would remember to treat each other with patience and respect regardless of our emotions at a given moment.
·      That our times of Bible study every morning would be fruitful. That we would come to know God better and look more like Christ because of them.
·      That we would trust. Trust each other and trust our Savior, especially our Savior with every moment regardless of what it looks like in the here and now.
·      We have nothing to fear, pray that we would know that be constantly reminded of that!

Thanks and gig 'em.
Peace, love, and pursue Jesus.

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