Sunday, February 17, 2013

Glory To God Forever

A few weeks ago I found out from one of my girls at Casitas that they only go to “school” if they can’t read or write. I initially thought that they were all in school during their school year (the past few months have been their summer vacation) learning at least something. When I found out they didn’t do anything while the others were learning to read and write I definitely found it alarming but not very surprising. I explained to my girly that there is so much more to school and to learning than reading and writing. I was in school for 18 years and when I return to Texas hopefully I’ll be going back to school (apparently I just can’t get enough).

I decided that it would be fun to teach them science. It would be fun to engage them with games and experiments and I could use it as a way to teach them some really important lessons. For those of you that don’t know, my degree is social sciences (sociology and women’s & gender studies) not what most people would consider real science. So, it’s a little ironic that I’m here teaching them a bunch of stuff I haven’t had to look at in a bajillion years. Don’t get me wrong I love science and I love teaching these girls, it’s just a little ironic to me.

Actually its more than ironic, I feel very inadequate most of the time. In addition to teaching science a few times a week at Casitas I am teaching and planning a lot of health related activities and lessons at the transition home. These are all very good, very needed lessons and activities, but if I’m being honest I often ask God why He brought me here instead of someone a little more qualified, ya know maybe someone with a little more of a science background. But I’m always reminded of that quote that says, “God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called.” If I were fully equipped why would I need God? I would be able to just do it on my own, right? How would He get the glory from what I was doing? Couldn’t I just take all the credit? I mean if I’m doing it all myself and I don’t need any help then ya I guess so. But, thankfully God didn’t create us that way. I desperately need God. I can’t do it on my own. I can’t do anything on my own. I need Him. And, even better, God gets all the glory. You can be 100% certain that what I am doing is not of myself and my own knowledge and skill, but that it is God equipping my daily.

Whether we’re doing experiments and learning the scientific method, nutrition and healthy eating habits, or making paper hearts (which were surprisingly difficult) God reminds me that He is equipping me and that He will receive glory because He deserves it.

Pray for us.

Pray that we will give God the glory, not ourselves.
Pray that God will adequately equip me to teach science and health classes.
Pray that God will give me the words to say to my girls when they come to me for concerns or questions.
Pray that my heart and my mind stay focused here and not on Texas and missing my family and friends.
Pray for my girls at the transition home. There have been a lot of changes, so pray that they would take them in stride and trust that they are in their best interests.
Pray also for my girls, as they just started back to school this past week and that in itself is a big transition, especially for the girls that moved to San Pedro Sula in December.

Thank you all for your continued prayer!

Thanks and gig ‘em!
Peace, love, and pursue Jesus!


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  1. I'm a science teacher Kellie! What are you teaching them? Email me at if I can help. I can give you some ideas/background knowledge if ya need it! Biology is my specialty so I'll be happy to help with whatever!